One of the biggest benefits of specifying a Watermark Solid Surface solution is the breadth of products that can be molded and installed. The material and color-fast nature of a Solid Surface can be turned into shelving, thresholds, counter tops, and walls and floors. Take shelving, for example. The two-compartment toiletry shelf and 8” recessed soap and shampoo holder are the perfect compliments to a shower system. Shelves are available in standard 8” or 12” widths, and are made with the same non-porous, bacterial resistant, easy cleaning Solid Surface material.


8 x 15 Recessed Soap and Shampoo Holder WM15.25RSS
8 x 18 Recessed Toiletry Shelf WM818SHELF
12 x 18 Recessed Toiletry Shelf WM1218SHELF
12 x 18 Recessed Toiletry Shelf with Tri-Fold Paper Towel Holder WM1218SHELF-PTH


2-1/2 x 36 x 1/2 Door Thresholds WM2.536.5THRESHOLD
2-1/2 x 48 x 1/2 Door Thresholds WM2.548.5THRESHOLD
2-1/2 x 60 x 1/2 Door Thresholds WM2.560.5THRESHOLD
6 x 36 x 1/2 Door Thresholds WM636.5THRESHOLD
6 x 48 x 1/2 Door Thresholds WM648.5THRESHOLD
6 x 36 x 1-1/8 Door Thresholds WM6361.125THRESHOLD
6 x 36 x 1-1/4 Door Thresholds WM6361.25THRESHOLD
6 x 48 x 1-1/8 Door Thresholds WM6481.125THRESHOLD
6 x 48 x 1-1/4 Door Thresholds WM6481.25THRESHOLD

Shower Thresholds

36 Removable Shower Thesholds WM36RETHRESHOLD
48 Removable Shower Thesholds WM48RETHRESHOLD
60 Removable Shower Thesholds WM60RETHRESHOLD

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