36 x 36 Transfer Shower with Front Trench
Part Number: WM3636TRENCH

36" x 36" integral front trench drain ADA transfer shower with 1" front threshold.  Positive sloped floor with non-skid surface pattern and water channels directing water towards the integral trench drain.

  • Stud Rough-In Dimensions: 37" x 38"
  • 4" x 36" integral trench drain with stainless steel cover
  • Configurable height 1/4" solid surface wall panel kits available with your choice of inside corner trims and recessed soap/shampoo holder
  • Optional shower accessories are also available including: Grab Bars, Curtain Rods, Shower Seats, Removable and or Collapsible Thresholds 
  • To see a full list of available colors for the above listed product please contact us.
  • Configurable drain locations are available upon request within the integral trench drain, please contact us for more information.

Our products are non-porous, homogeneous components with color consistency throughout.  The composite polymers and mineral fillers aid in stain, burn and impact resistance, while enhancing long term durability and cleaning.

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